Neerdie Qld

Our 2 weeks stay in Neerdie at Margaret’s brother’s property has been an eye opener and a God send!

We have had our van weighed on the weigh bridge and discovered our Jackaroo is not compliant to tow our van & our van was too heavy for the compliance plate at manufacture. This has meant that we have had to  have the van modification upgraded by an engineer and heavier chains fitted! Not a big thing except the price of $580!
As you can see by this photo, we have had an aluminum cargo bin fitted to get some of the weight off the tow ball.

We can’t afford to upgrade our vehicle to a diesel able to pull 3 ton so we are having heavy duty springs fitted to the Jackaroo which wont be compliant, but will tow the van without the rear weighed down as much. We will be praying we don’t get pulled over as we have to be in Cairns by the 20th May to house sit a property for 3 months. We will have to upgrade our vehicle before we leave Cairns.

On a super positive note we have had the finances to do all this & we are excited at worshiping with Shane & Sarah in their Church & being a blessing wherever possible!

So far on our travels we have met some wonderful people & had opportunity to share our faith in a very natural way!
We value your prayers & please post some comments so we can know how to pray for you!
Gary & Margaret